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Curriculum | Physical Education


Our sports provision is an outstanding feature of the school. All girls from Reception upwards have a forty-minute lesson of Physical Education every day with 1 swimming lesson each week. We believe it cultivates happy, healthy, independent girls, enhancing their social skills and preparing them for life experiences. Our excellent range of equipment and facilities ensures quality of delivery and opportunity in the learning process, as does the effectiveness of having fully qualified, specialist staff in the Department. The girls also benefit from professional Tennis and Judo coaches, and qualified Ballet, Modern and Street Dance teachers. Pupils are given the best possible introduction to sport at all levels - class, inter-house, inter-form, local, county, district, regional and national. In each year group we exceed all National Curriculum requirements.

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Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils enjoy two lessons of Games per week. Key Stage 1 is a more general build-up of physical co-ordination skills, group or team tasks and challenges. Key Stage 2 channels and develops pupils’ basic skills so that they can participate in formal games, with rules and tactics, as well as be members of clubs and squads to pursue excellence.

Top teams compete at local, regional and national levels with various sports organisations in Netball, Tennis, Rounders and Swimming. Other activities include Hockey, Pop Lacrosse, Mini Cricket, Square Rounders, Trampoline, Cross Country and Dance.

Our facilities offer several outdoor areas, with various surfaces, and indoor usage. A wide selection of excellent quality equipment is available to assist the learning of new skills and advance those already mastered. The PE Department constantly renews and updates sports equipment so that the girls have the best possible apparatus to enhance performance and learning.


In Key Stage 1 a range of gymnastic skills is explored, with basic formal movements being developed on both the floor and small apparatus. Girls are encouraged to work as individuals until their skill level enables them to work in pairs and small groups. Of their two weekly sessions, one lesson concentrates on Olympic gymnastics (specific floor and vault skills) and the other develops the creative and modern educational aspects.

Further development of these disciplines takes place in KS2. Extra-curricular Performance, Training and Club levels help to challenge and stretch ability for the more able. Pupils are also entered into Gymnastics competitions where they enjoy competing to a high regional national standard in several organisations.

In our purpose-built hall, pupils benefit from an extensive range of high quality gymnastic equipment including soft training apparatus specifically geared towards the Olympic gym style, with a 10x12m floor area and numerous vaults.

Dance is drawn into gymnastics at Key Stage 2 where it enhances creativity in sequence work and promotes independent learning opportunities.


Athletics is taught from Reception to Year 6, developing skills and fitness that enable the girls to participate in our Nursery, Junior and Senior Sports Days.


Our girls are introduced to the pool environment in Nursery, with a weekly parent and pupil “Splash Time”, giving the girls a comfortable start to their school swimming experience, building their confidence and independence.

Moving onto Key Stage 1, the girls benefit from small group tuition and learn basic stroke technique. All strokes are refined in KS2, together with the introduction of competitive swimming including starts, turns, take-overs and the rules governing each stroke. A variety of water skills, survival techniques and team games are part of the core curriculum.

Clubs and Squads run throughout the year, during lunchtime and after school, encouraging further opportunities to swim competitively and gain personal expertise.


All Maltman’s girls compete in a variety of annual sporting competitions. These are inclusive events that foster team spirit and collaboration. They are friendly, fun and nurturing to ensure that everyone has a positive experience. Further competitive opportunities are available in extra-curricular sports - click here for more details.

Annual Sporting Competitions

Early Years Sports Day (Little Malties, Nursery and Reception)
Junior Sports Day (Y1-2)
Y2 Inter House Games Afternoon
Y3 Inter House Games Afternoon
Senior Sports Day (Y3-6)
Y3-6 Inter House Cross Country
Y4 Splash Gala
Y5 Inter House Netball
Y5-6 Inter-House Swim Gala
Y6 Inter-Form Gymnastics