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Excellence with a sense of fun!

Curriculum | A Personalised Approach

Excellence with a sense of fun

Each and every girl is unique. We value and celebrate that uniqueness. Focusing on individual needs enables us to nurture the particular strengths of our girls. While paving the way for excellence we also ensure that emotional wellbeing is fostered and personal victories, however small, are celebrated. Our approach is holistic; a child is greater than the sum of their parts and our goal is to continue to provide an enjoyable, inspiring and motivational environment for all of our girls. 

We offer many opportunities for our girls to develop their talents and to be challenged. Differentiation in lessons plays a central role here, be it by task or learning style. In each lesson, every girl must be able to come away feeling a sense of achievement, as well as knowing what they need to do to improve. Extra-curricular clubs provide opportunities for girls to explore their abilities and there are a variety of school, local and national competitions that all girls can enter.

Learning Support

Learning Support is integral to our teaching. Our well-qualified Head of Learning Support is both a teacher and an Educational Psychologist. She leads a team of teaching assistants who provide support in the classroom as well as a literacy support teacher who works with individuals and groups as appropriate.

We are able to provide specialist support for a number of specific conditions, such as dyslexia, as well as provide support for children who are experiencing a degree of difficulty with a particular aspect of their learning.

Our aim is to provide all the support needed to enable the girls to fulfil their potential and work with confidence, whatever their area of interest or talent.

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English as an Additional Language

Maltman’s Green is committed to meeting the needs of pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL).

We ensure all our EAL pupils have full access to the curriculum (and other school opportunities) and provide all our EAL pupils, particularly those who are international new arrivals – with a safe, welcoming environment, where they are accepted, valued and encouraged to participate in the Maltman’s Green community.

Where a pupil’s achievement appears to be affected by difficulties related to EAL, targeted, personalised intervention will be put in place by the EAL co-ordinator, who will arrange in class support, small group lessons with pupils with similar needs and/or one-to-one lessons.