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Curriculum | Humanities and Languages


In History we create a stimulating and fun environment where pupils can gain an understanding of the past in relation to themselves, their families, their community and the wider world. By learning about their heritage we can help our girls make better sense of their changing world.

In the Junior School, children are taught about everyday life and famous events/people. As they progress through the school, the children study more in-depth topics, including the Romans, Ancient Egypt, the Tudors, life in World War Two and many more. Pupils learn to assess evidence, analyse and interpret facts from a range of sources, research with greater independence, write empathetically and present their findings in a variety of ways, both orally and in writing.

Visits are made to places of historical interest, such as Hampton Court Palace, and the girls participate in exciting workshops at school, such as Roman Day, further bringing their study of History alive.


The aim of Geography is to teach an understanding of our natural environment, global location and how people affect and change it. Through fieldwork in our Forest School, day trips to Amersham Field Centre and a residential trip to Swanage in Year 4, qualified tutors guide the girls' interest in coasts, geology, freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity. To further enhance learning, visiting speakers come to talk to girls about their personal experiences in different parts of the world.

Looking at global responsibility and citizenship we work to draw on the girls’ own experiences, leading to them becoming much more aware of the world around them and the impact of people’s activities on it.

Religious Education

RE is a valued subject at Maltman’s Green. The girls have a weekly lesson in which the major religions of the world are studied. In the spirit of the 1988 Education Reform Act, we seek to ‘reflect the fact that the religious traditions are in the main Christian, while taking account of the other principal religions represented in Great Britain’.

We encourage the girls not only to learn about, but also to learn from religions, reflecting on their own thoughts, beliefs and opinions. The girls develop their own ideas about critical issues and understand things of importance in the lives of others.

Modern Foreign Languages

French is taught by specialist teachers from Year 1 to 6 and forms an important part of the school curriculum. Games, songs and role-play encourage the girls to speak without inhibition and our excellent ICT facilities are widely used to enable girls to progress at their own speed and work independently when appropriate. The girls reach a high standard in all four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking by the time they move on to their senior school where their confidence in French gives them a distinct advantage. There is an annual French trip to Northern France for the Year 6 girls who have a chance to try out their knowledge and skills.

Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin are offered as additional subjects and taught in small groups, or on an individual basis.