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School Life | Rewards and the House System

Reward System

The emphasis at Maltman’s is firmly on the positive. We have several ways in which girls who contribute positively to the school are rewarded and encouraged. While we always recognise academic achievements we are always proactive in acknowledging girls who work hard to be a citizen of Maltmans, following our mindsets above and always remembering to help others. In addition to our Maltman’s Mindset rewards we are quick to celebrate kindness, sustainability, empathy and effort. Reward points (and the occasional minus) are put towards house totals, giving the girls something to work towards for the greater good.


From Year 1 girls are divided into four houses: Aylward, Bronte, Johnson and Pankhurst. The girls in each house elect a House Captain and a Vice Captain from Year 6 girls and meet regularly throughout each term to form friendships in other year groups and devise a fundraising strategy for their chosen charity – a function of the houses that is fostered, encouraged and promoted by the school.

Once or twice a year, we hold inter-house activities or competitions where team work, cooperation, understanding and friendship is paramount.