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School Life | Pastoral Care

The emotional, social and physical wellbeing of our girls is paramount and we believe that individual support and a nurturing environment form the foundation from which children can flourish. Providing an encouraging, caring and secure atmosphere, we ensure our girls feel happy, confident and valued – a perfect grounding for academic enrichment. This ethos has been recognised by the ISI who applauded our “outstanding” pastoral care. Find out more here.

Courtesy and respect are highly valued and we work with the girls to sort through any social or relationship issues they may encounter. From the day the girls join us, they are encouraged to think about others and are well known for their manners and positive approach. Our aim is to help the girls gain a real understanding of how to live harmoniously and happily in a community such as ours and to develop a natural social confidence and caring approach which will stay with them through life.

The Maltman’s Mindsets

We have developed six mindsets that we believe should not only be the vital foundations of learning but should be carefully nurtured. Our mindsets are:

• Perseverance
• Collaboration
• Empathy
• Independence
• Respect
• Reflection

These mindsets are displayed in our classrooms, incorporated into our lesson plans and the topic of assemblies and other events. As a school, we are proud of the education we offer and this, combined with the Maltman’s Mindsets, will not only allow our girls to react to a changing world, but will provide them with the skills to change the world around them.


Our full time matron makes sure that the girls are well cared for. We have a well-equipped Medical Room and the girls are able to visit the matron during the school day if they do not feel well or need help with medication. It is reassuring for parents to know that if their daughter has an injury or medical problem, the matron will assess the correct course of action and inform them.

Our matron is an important member of staff and is able to support teachers when necessary to ensure the health of the girls paramount as well as advising on health education matters.

British Values

All schools are required to promote the historical and current values that underpin the national identity known as being British. Within this, all schools are required to ensure that the curriculum actively promotes fundamental British values. These values have been defined by The Department for Education as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. In addition, the School precludes the promotion of partisan political views in the teaching of any subject.

Democracy is fostered in throughout our school. Our girls vote for school reps, form captains, house captains, school councillors and eco councillors. Through these councils girls are able to affect change and have their opinions heard.

The Rule of Law is reinforced in the classrooms and in assemblies, supporting pupils in distinguishing right from wrong. Values, responsibilities and consequences are examined and visits from authorities such as the Police and Fire Service help reinforce this message.

Individual Liberty is promoted by encouraging girls to make their own choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment to do so. Knowledge of individual rights, freedoms and responsibilities are taught through various stages of learning.

Mutual Respect, Tolerance and Courtesy are at the heart of our values and ethos. We place great emphasis on promoting diversity and celebrating a variety of faiths and cultures through religious education, talks and workshops and visits to places of religious importance.

Our approach enables pupils to develop self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence. Pupils leave Maltman's having contributed positively to the lives of those within the School and local communities.


The National Prevent Strategy aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Maltman’s Green School, working with other local partners, families and communities, seeks to play a key role in ensuring that the children and young people who attend the school/setting or use its services are safe from the threat of terrorism. Prevent is part of the school’s wider responsibility for Safeguarding and this policy is therefore linked to the school’s Safeguarding and Child Protection policy and Procedures.

We believe that Maltman’s Green School should be a safe place where children and young people can understand and discuss sensitive topics, including terrorism and the extremist ideas that are part of the terrorist ideology, and learn how to challenge such ideas.