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Reach for the Stars

24th September 19

Year 2 are reaching for the stars – figuratively and literally! In class they’ve been thinking about striving to reach their goals, believing that anything is possible if they try, but they will also be joining the next NASA space mission to Mars!

The mission is to help prepare for future human exploration. NASA’s Mars Rover will be launched into space as early as July 2020 and on it will be silicon chip with over 9 million names stenciled on using an electron beam. The lines of text will be smaller than one-thousandth the width of a human hair (75 nanometres), and the chip will ride on the rover under a glass cover.

The girls are delighted that the name ‘Year 2 MGS’ will soon be shooting off to Mars and they even have a special boarding pass confirming their name on the rover.

The girls will be keeping an eye on the Rover’s construction over the coming months, and off course will be watching its launch next year.

Find out more about NASA’s Mars 2020 missions by clicking here.