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Service of Remembrance

13th November 18

Our Remembrance Celebrations began on Friday 9 November with a very special assembly led by our Bursar, Mr Beer, who spent 32 years serving in the Royal Air Force. Mr Beer was assisted by a number of girls who recited their own special remembrance poems (which can be found below) and told us some interesting facts about the Great War. Towards the end of the assembly, a pair of girls from each form came to the front to lay their form’s hand-made wreath.

Then, on Sunday 11 November, a group of our girls accompanied Mrs Pardon and Mr Beer to the Service of Remembrance at Gerrards Cross where they lay a wreath for the fallen service men and women of the Great War and all since.

Remembrance Poems

Holly, 5S

Oh wonderful poppy as red as can be,
You remind me of those who fought to make us free.
Who gave up their life and fought hard to pull through,
And that poppy is what you do.

You’re as red as a rose and as delicate as a lily, Looking at you now I feel quite silly,
For I used to think of you as just a flower,
but now I realise you have so much power.

You help people whose loved ones died,
It makes them realise how hard their loved ones tried,
To make the world a better place,
And to keep everyone they love safe.

Ava, 5W

A field of poppies grew in the earth
Where all the soldiers fought for our worth.
They heard the gunshot, the mighty blow
They fell on the ground where the poppies grow.
The poppies unveiled themselves after the war
Where the courageous men knew it was us they were fighting for.
As the moon glistened and the stars twinkled
A thousand poppy seeds were sprinkled.
They fought with friends against the foe
Now let the dazzling, red poppies grow.
Poppies were the price the fighters paid
They grew scarlet and fresh
In the ground the soldiers lay.

Catherine, 5W

A single poppy though so small
Can hold the sadness of us all.

The soldiers that had fought that day
May now lie dead
In Flanders Fields.

The red poppy to us might show
The loss of someone we may have known.

A poppy scarlet as a fire
Could maybe show to you desire.

It could show hate,
It could show love,
It could be a message from above.

But still one hundred years ago
The soldiers fought for all we know.

Early Years Stay & Play

Friday 5 November

Final few places available for our FIREWORK themed Stay & Play.
For girls aged 1-4.