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Year 6 Visit The Living Rainforest

6th November 18

On Friday Year 6 headed off to The Living Rainforest where they got to see the two-toed sloth, goeldi’s monkey, a carpet python, a toucan, the blue poison dart frog, the yellow-knobbed curassow, a six-banded armadillo, pygmy marmosets, an emerald tree boa and sooooo much more.

“I loved the trip, it was sensational! My favourite part were the Goeldi’s monkeys. They were so adorable!”

“I love it. I want to go again.”

“Cinnamon the Sloth was beautiful. Her half hidden face behind the trees can never be forgotten.”

“The Azara’s Agouti were a beautiful golden colour.”

Report by Philippa (6H)

“In my whole 7 years at Maltman’s Green, I enjoyed my visit to the Living Rainforest more than any other School trip. The noise of the Rainforest creatures and the heat of the environment, emphasised to me what being in a real Rainforest might be like. When we arrived, the contrast between the giant, humid greenhouse and the frosty, November Berkshire air was immense. In my head, I can still hear the sound of the Toucan and feel the damp, warm air on my skin.

One of my favourite experiences was viewing the Goeldi’s monkeys; I could hardly believe how small and cuddly they were. I wanted to take them out of their glass tank and stroke them, their silvery grey and beige fur looked so soft. I watched them jump and climb the twistiest branches I had ever seen. I also enjoyed meeting Cinnamon; I was one of the lucky few to spot this elegant and beautiful sloth. I had wanted to much to manage to see a sloth in real life so I was overjoyed that I was able to find her amongst the big, emerald green leaves. In the afternoon I met an armadillo for the first time. I also found out that the “armour” part of this creature’s name is because of the plates of strong shell that they wear. The armour did look as hard as a rock.

I would love to go back to the Living Rainforest, in fact I’d be happy to return tomorrow! There was so much to see and I enjoyed every minute of my visit. Next time, I’d like to see how the monkeys have grown and also say hello to Cinnamon again (she reminded me of a soft carpet in the air). I would highly recommend the Living Rainforest to children and grown ups.”

Early Years Stay & Play

Friday 5 November

Final few places available for our FIREWORK themed Stay & Play.
For girls aged 1-4.