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The Creative Curriculum

1st November 18

Here at Maltman’s Green we ensure that the Creative Curriculum is embedded in much of our teaching, allowing our girls to learn through creative and active teaching strategies. Creative curriculum focuses on big ideas, not learning by rote, incorporates interesting projects and individual students’ skills and needs.

Here is just one example of how we practice the Creative Curriculum, working across subjects to bring a greater appreciation and understanding to a subject matter.

The Listeners

Before half term, Year 6 studied a poem called “The Listeners” by Walter de la Mare in their English lessons, discussing the alliteration, onomatopoeia and rhyme. This acted as a stimulus for the girls to then write their own spooky poems.

And we didn’t stop there, in their Art classes they used the poem as inspiration for their own spooky paintings, focusing on the blending of colours and featuring foreground silhouettes. You may have seen some of these framed around the school already.

But wait, there’s more…In their Music lessons the girls then worked in small groups to compose eerie music, involving chromatic notes, minor keys and various sound effects, again with The Listeners poem as a creative stimulus.

All this hard work culminated in yesterday’s special Halloween assembly, where the girls got to show their artwork and read their poems, all to a backing track of their own spooky music.

It’s great to see this one, evocative poem being used to bring three separate subjects together to teach a whole range of skills and understanding.


84% 11+ Qualification Rate!

We are so proud of our Year 6 girls’ amazing achievement. If you’d like to find out what makes our school so special, come and visit us on our Spring Term Open Day live in school on Friday 19 March. We look forward to being able to show you around our facilities and give you an opportunity to see the school in action. We will be conducting private tours at set times in order to adhere to social distancing.

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