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A Sensory Sensation

8th October 18

On Friday 5 October, as part of their Science learning on Animals Including Humans, the Year 1 girls visited Woolley Firs Environment Centre.

On their trip the girls got to explore woodlands, identifying a huge variety of colours, textures and shapes. Much to their delight, they even found some seeds that rattled!

The girls learnt that lots of animals have a ‘super sense’, for instance the fox has amazing hearing and the sparrow hawk fantastic eye-sight. The girls had fun imagining that they were different animals and practiced using their senses. They had to find their way around a mole assault course using their sense of touch, and whilst learning how the badger uses its sense of smell to navigate the world, they made smelly magic potions in the herb garden. The girls even had the opportunity to have a close look at some very wriggly beetle larvae!

What a brilliant day.

Open Morning 4 October

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