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Bushcraft Camp

2nd October 18

The girls arrived at the Bushcraft camp with great excitement to find their tents set up and fires burning. Three days of activities, fun and laughter were to follow.

The Bushcraft team welcomed the girls, put them into tribes and sent them off on their first adventure: to make a fire. Once the fires were lit, they cooked burgers for lunch, which were declared a great success. In the afternoon they learnt how to build shelters in the amazing Bushcraft gardens and tried out their great facilities, such as the swimming pool, where they learnt about the importance of water and how to purify it. Towards the end of the afternoon they played games in the woods in the growing darkness. After a delicious dinner of pasta bolognaise, the girls were very excited to be sharing tents, cleaning their teeth in the dark and snuggling into sleeping bags.

The following day involved more adventures and learning new skills such as building traps. One group even managed to trap an unsuspecting Mrs Edwards! Later, the girls learnt about emergency first aid, which was put into practice on a nature walk where they encountered a ‘wrecked plane’ with casualties (Bushcraft leaders) inside. The girls remembered what they had been taught in order to get them to safety and administer some basic first aid.i

Once the drama was over, the girls prepared their own pizzas for lunch and cooked them in ovens fired by wood they had collected themselves. Once they had eaten their fill, the girls rehearsed for a final performance in the evening. There was much hilarity during these performances and some very confident acting and speaking by some normally quieter girls.

On the final day, the girls were taught how to use a knife safely as well as how to whittle a simple peg. They also made bracelets, which they were allowed to take. There was a last chance for some games in the woods before putting all their new skills to the test in a Bushcraft challenge.

After a final lunch of fajitas, the girls walked back to the coach, ready to return to school.

A truly amazing trip!

Early Years Stay & Play

Friday 5 November

Final few places available for our FIREWORK themed Stay & Play.
For girls aged 1-4.