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Thinking Skills Day – St Mary’s School

14th March 18

On 22nd February, Rebecca, Alessia, Ananya and I went down to St Mary’s School to compete against 11 other schools in a Thinking Skills Workshop.

We began with a starter activity where we had to make as many polyhedrons as we could with just pipe cleaners and straws. This did not go so well! Then came the first main activity, Magic Squares. These are 3×3 grids where you have to place given numbers in certain places on the grid so that every column, row and diagonal totals a given number (13 for example). We managed to complete the first one in an impressive 8 minutes. However, we got stuck on the second and had to move on to the third that we cracked in under 2 minutes. Points were awarded for accuracy and speed.

Tower building was activity number two and we were supplied with various building materials such as paper, card, a balloon, sellotape and paperclips. The tower would be judged on height, stability and appearance. This was really fun, after all, it was art!

Our third and final activity was to arrange an assortment of triangles into given patterns within a time limit, again points were awarded for how many patterns we completed in a given time.

At the end of the morning everyone went back to school very, very happily, after–all we won!
We returned to school victorious with our certificate.

Sasha (Year 5)

Early Years Stay & Play

Friday 5 November

Final few places available for our FIREWORK themed Stay & Play.
For girls aged 1-4.