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Year 5 Bushcraft Residential Trip

12th October 17

Within a few weeks of returning to school after the summer holidays, the year 5s had their Bushcraft residential trip! The whole year was bundled on to a bus, armed with waterproofs, warm layers, sleeping bags and roll mats to spend three whole days living in the woods.

Most of the girls seemed a little nervous but excited when we got off the bus, but within a few hours of arriving at our camp we had all learnt how to make a fire and a shelter. The shelters the groups made were incredible; they had swings and see-saws, cooking areas and beds! Soon the girls were painting muddy war paint all over each other and cooking lunch over a fire they had made themselves. That evening, after a delicious meal, we all sang camp songs and prepared to go to sleep in huge, cosy tepees.

The next day, the girls were woken up with a full English breakfast then were taught how to safely use a knife to make survival tent pegs. We all then went on a wilderness walk to explore the area, learn more about some of the trees and plants, and stretch our legs a bit. When we returned to the camp, the girls learnt how to make traps in a survival situation. Off they then went to see who could make the best trap; one group even made a trap for their teachers using coffee and fruit as bait! That afternoon we played camouflage games and all the girls covered themselves in mud, camouflage paint and leaves to blend in with the background. Then, the camp leaders showed us how to correctly gut and prepare a fish for eating. It was a little bit gross, but some of the girls were brave enough to eat a fish eye! After dinner, the girls treated each other, the camp leaders and their teachers to an incredible talent show.

Our final day in the wilderness we all made “survival bracelets”, using super-strong string that we had used the day before to make traps. The girls also learnt how to deliver first aid and stretchered each other around the camp. After a tasty lunch of fajitas, the girls had their final Bushcraft challenge, a test of what they had learnt. The girls had to start a fire, build mini-shelters and forage for certain plants in the woods.

Everyone loved the trip, and really enjoyed getting muddy and exploring the woods! A few girls even said they wanted to live in the woods forever! A big thank you goes to the Bushcraft staff who looked after everyone so well, constantly provided us with delicious food and kept everyone smiling and laughing the whole time.

Miss Bradley
Teaching Support Assistant

Early Years Stay & Play

Friday 5 November

Final few places available for our FIREWORK themed Stay & Play.
For girls aged 1-4.