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Forest School News

10th October 17

We had a bright, sunny day for RD’s Forest School session last week.

On our way out to the woodland many of the girls pointed out that it was sunny but also a bit windy, which they could see by the grass and our hair blowing in the breeze. We sang our Forest School song whilst walking down the pathway through the trees and all sat around base camp.

Our Forest School puppet ‘Moley’ showed his face to check the girls all knew the rules, such as no picky and no licky. We then played the swap places game, to make sure the girls remember to walk around base camp rather than through it, in case we are to ever have a little cooking fire in the middle.

After doing this brilliantly the girls were sent off to explore the woodland and each came back with an item from the ground that they thought was ‘treasure’. We had feathers, fairy’s boats (acorn shells), pine cones, conkers and lots more.

After a quick game of ‘1,2,3 Where Are You?’ everyone cleaned their hands and sat down for a drink and snack before we all headed back in to the classroom for home time.

Over the coming term the girls will take part in many more activities that aim to broaden their imagination, independence, creativity and other skills. There will be mud digging, mud faces, art made from natural materials, clay animal making, leaf printing, tree climbing, listening and drawing activities, story-telling and lots more.

Mrs Matthews & The MOLE’s Team

Early Years Stay & Play

Friday 5 November

Final few places available for our FIREWORK themed Stay & Play.
For girls aged 1-4.