three school girls with hockey sticks
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2T Class Assembly

23rd May 17

On Thursday 2T performed their class assembly all about reaching for the stars.

They had decided on a goal that they wanted to reach by the end of the year and told all their friends in the Junior School what it was. Some of the girls had managed to reach their goal already and did a demonstration. Some of the girls decided on a goal that would take slightly longer and so were still working on theirs.

2T all agreed (with the help of a story about a giraffe who can’t dance) that it’s okay to take your time and be patient with your goal. Keep trying your best and always reach for the stars!

Well done 2T, you did a super job and I am so proud of your hard work.

Mrs Thurtell
Form Teacher

Autumn Open Days FULLY BOOKED

Due to unprecedented demand, our Open Days on Friday 8 October and Thursday 14 October are now FULLY BOOKED!
We are now taking bookings for our Early Years Stay & Play on Friday 5 November.