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Year 6 Beatrix Potter Books

12th May 17

The Year 6 girls have enjoyed a special project looking at the life and work of Beatrix Potter. They learnt about Beatrix Potter, not only as a writer but as a farmer and conservationist. Then, in their English and Art lessons, they have written and illustrated their own stories in the style of Beatrix Potter.

The girls researched the animals they would like to write about so they knew how they would behave, just as Beatrix Potter would have done with her knowledge and understanding of the countryside, and used the animals’ characteristics in their stories. The stories have rural settings and were written to read to a young person.

In their Art lessons, the girls created beautiful, careful watercolour paintings to illustrate their work which were then scanned into the story script.

After extensive planning and editing, the stories were typed up into pages in a similar way to Beatrix Potter’s own books. We know that she was very particular about layout and typefaces.

The finished text and illustrations were then assembled into these delightful books which will be shared with some of the younger girls in school when Year 6 read with them.

Mrs McCooke
English Teacher

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