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Year 2 Trip to St Paul’s Cathedral

3rd February 17

On Tuesday morning the Year 2 girls arrived at school feeling very excited about their trip to St Paul’s Cathedral. After a slight technical hitch with the coach (!) we were soon in central London ready to find out all about St Paul’s.

The girls were initially taken to the OBE chapel where they learnt about the main differences between the ‘old St Paul’s’ and the ‘new St Paul’s’. They were fascinated to hear about Sir Christopher Wren’s design of the new dome and couldn’t wait to see it from the inside!

After a quick lunch break we began to explore our surroundings. The girls read information on a digital timeline about the damage that was caused during the Great Fire of London and were amazed to see some statues that had been recovered from various years.

As we entered the main floor of the cathedral the girls’ jaws dropped to the ground and they gasped in amazement! The sight of beautiful mosaics, golden sculptures and the sheer size of the building surprised them all. We took some time to lay in the centre of the cathedral floor, gazing up at the stunning dome above us. After a quick look around it was time to climb up to the Whispering Gallery. This was the first of many staircases climbed that day! Once again the girls were amazed by the view and did very well to use their whispering voices in such an exciting situation.

We then separated into two groups; the first headed back downstairs to explore the tombs and chapel, whilst the rest decided to tackle the steep climb up to the Golden Gallery. We were extremely proud of all of the girls for showing perseverance and determination as they climbed hundreds of steps to the very top! Even on a misty day we enjoyed spotting famous landmarks such as The Gherkin and The Shard.

The girls soon realised that what goes up must come down, so we started our descent. When we arrived back on the main cathedral floor everyone felt a huge sense of achievement and smiles filled the room.

Thank you to all of the adults who accompanied us on this very special trip – the girls had a wonderful day!

Miss Freeman
2F Form Teacher/Year 2 Co-ordinator

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