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Senior Girls CDT News

3rd February 17

The moving animals using levers made by the Year 3 girls in CDT are now on display near their form rooms. The girls practiced and learned a variety of new skills and techniques to make their moving animal design a reality. Each display board as a whole class has been photographed or use some of the photos in the Autumn Term CDT photos Year 3.

3K have been practicing the bridge and claw technique to cut and chop vegetables to have with the class, they made a Hummus dip in the CDT lesson on Thursday.

4C were the first class to make Blueberry Muffins in CDT on Wednesday. They really put their cooperative skills to good use to follow the recipe and make a dozen muffins to share with their table.

5H used the hobs for the first time today (Thursday 2 February) whilst preparing the rice for Vegetarian Sushi. They then practiced slicing avocado, cucumber, red pepper and carrots as their choice of fillings. They cooperated well and supported their groups in rolling the Nori seaweed wrap to make their sushi roll. A few were brave enough to try the ginger, wasabi paste and soy sauce to dip in.

6H started their cooking this term by making their own French Toast (Eggy bread with a twist) on the hobs.

Mrs Dyson
Head of CDT

Early Years Stay & Play

Friday 5 November

Final few places available for our FIREWORK themed Stay & Play.
For girls aged 1-4.