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Year 2 Healthy Smoothie Making

17th November 16

Since September, Year 2 have used their Science lessons to investigate different ways to keep our bodies healthy. After some in-depth learning about a balanced diet, the girls had the opportunity to create their very own healthy smoothies!

They began by thinking about which fruits may be included in their ingredients and then started to design a label for their smoothie. We had all looked at popular smoothies online, so the girls enjoyed creating names and logos for their product.

During their DT lessons the girls prepared the fruit, sensibly using children’s knives and chopping boards. They then placed all of the fruit into a jug ready to be blended together. Much excitement was had as the fruits soon transformed into a delicious smoothie for everyone to try!

To complete the project, the girls evaluated their designs and final smoothie. Many are hoping to make more smoothies at home soon.

A super end to a super project!

Miss Freeman
2F Form Teacher/Year 2 Co-ordinator

Early Years Stay & Play

Friday 5 November

Final few places available for our FIREWORK themed Stay & Play.
For girls aged 1-4.