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Year 3 Road Crossing Training

10th November 16

Earlier this week Year 3 did road crossing training in the staff car park. We practiced two different ways of crossing the road; and staff will advise the girls which method is best to use which will depend on the road conditions at the time. We emphasised the importance of never walking across a road with hands in pockets and of listening carefully to instructions at all times.

As well as important learning, Mrs Cave-Hawkes was also pleased as this is another part of our school travel plan.

The girls completed the training beautifully, even though it was a little cold and they needed to be warmly wrapped up in coats and hats.

Ms S Clifford
Deputy Head Pastoral & Designated Safeguarding Lead

A Message From The Head
Mrs J Pardon

Due to Government directives, we are currently closed until further notice. We look forward to opening as soon as possible. In the meantime, please look round our website to find out more about our school.