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It’s Bread Week in Year 1

13th October 16

The Great British Bake Off has come to Maltman’s Green!

It’s Bread Week in Year 1! Following on from our farm visit, Year 1 have had lots of fun learning how to make bread. Anton the Chef, very kindly demonstrated how to make dough and showed the girls how he makes bread rolls. All the girls had a go at making bread rolls for the school and then making their own creatively shaped bread.

We got to try our own bread at lunch time and it was delicious! A big thank you to Anton for letting the Year 1 girls loose in the Dining Room!

Miss Syer, Mrs Lay and Miss Nicholas
Year 1 Teachers

Toddler Talk

Join us on Saturday 3 October for Toddler Talk: Maths with your pre-schooler, the first in a series of twenty minute early years parent education webinars.

Saturday 3 October 10:15-10:35
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