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Year 6 Mentors

3rd October 16

It has been super to see Year 3 settle so happily and quickly in to the Senior School this term. To ensure an enjoyable and successful first term for Year 3, the Year 6 Mentors have been doing a wonderful job to help with their transition.

The Year 6 Mentors have visited the Year 3 girls in form time and taken the time to answer any questions they had about the Senior School. Each Year 6 Mentor has also spent time getting to know a small group of Year 3 girls. They have spoken with the girls around school and on the playground, checked that all is going well for them and most importantly been a friendly face for Year 3 throughout the busy school day.

The Year 6 will continue with this role next term as well.

A big thank you to the Year 6 Mentors for all their brilliant work:

6A: Nikita Banwait, Maddison Bloom, Sienna Drummond, Maya Tiwana
6D: Kushi Belur, Lucy Evans, Sofia Guerreiro, Josephine Ward
6H: Amber Bravo-Faraday, Beatrice Tucker, Aanya Visavadia, Jenna Whitefoord
6M: Emma Cunliffe, Zoe Holligan, Olivia Penny, Jessie Sutton, Carys Timpson

Mrs Atkinson
Head of Senior School

Toddler Talk

Join us on Saturday 3 October for Toddler Talk: Maths with your pre-schooler, the first in a series of twenty minute early years parent education webinars.

Saturday 3 October 10:15-10:35
We are also open for private visits. Please contact us for more information.