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Year 6 Mentors

3rd October 16

It has been super to see Year 3 settle so happily and quickly in to the Senior School this term. To ensure an enjoyable and successful first term for Year 3, the Year 6 Mentors have been doing a wonderful job to help with their transition.

The Year 6 Mentors have visited the Year 3 girls in form time and taken the time to answer any questions they had about the Senior School. Each Year 6 Mentor has also spent time getting to know a small group of Year 3 girls. They have spoken with the girls around school and on the playground, checked that all is going well for them and most importantly been a friendly face for Year 3 throughout the busy school day.

The Year 6 will continue with this role next term as well.

A big thank you to the Year 6 Mentors for all their brilliant work:

6A: Nikita Banwait, Maddison Bloom, Sienna Drummond, Maya Tiwana
6D: Kushi Belur, Lucy Evans, Sofia Guerreiro, Josephine Ward
6H: Amber Bravo-Faraday, Beatrice Tucker, Aanya Visavadia, Jenna Whitefoord
6M: Emma Cunliffe, Zoe Holligan, Olivia Penny, Jessie Sutton, Carys Timpson

Mrs Atkinson
Head of Senior School

A Message From The Head
Mrs J Pardon

Due to Government directives, we are currently closed until further notice. We look forward to opening as soon as possible. In the meantime, please look round our website to find out more about our school.