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Extra-Curricular | Sport

Each year we hold trials for our gymnastics, swimming, netball and tennis squads for girls to represent Maltman’s Green School at a regional and national level. There are annual trials for the selective groups. Once the teams and squads have been selected, the coaches and teachers continually monitor progress giving the opportunity for development throughout the year.

In addition, we also run Development and Improvement clubs for those with an interest in a particular sport who are not a member of the squad.


Chargeable & Non-chargeable

We have a number of different levels ranging from Improvers to Performance.

  • Performance squad (non-chargeable) - for our top 8 swimmers in Years 5 and 6. These girls attend not only local competitions, but also Regional and National events.
  • Training Squad (non-chargeable) - focusing on stroke technique, competitive swimming and general water confidence skills. There are several swimming matches for the Squad throughout the year. In Years 5 and 6 we develop our swimmers further by focusing on a variety of activities including a thorough warm up, drills, endurance, sprint, strength training, water polo and an occasional much deserved ‘fun’ session!
  • Club (non-chargeable)- girls must be able to swim 25m both forwards and backwards with a recognisable stroke. Selection will then be based on times. Girls who demonstrate competent technique and have an interest in developing their swimming further may be invited to join the Training Squad.
  • Improvers (chargeable)- for girls who have a desire to join the Swim Club but need a little extra coaching to achieve their goal.



At Maltman’s Green we start teaching the girls Netball in Year 3 with a focus is on developing basic passing and receiving skills, footwork and game play. Any girls interested in progressing their skills further may attend the Year 3 Netball Development Club. This session aims to revisit and establish the skills taught in PE lessons.

In Years 4 to 6 we have two levels of Netball:

  • Netball Squads (selective) - girls are split into the A and B teams. During squad training we aim to improve skills and introduce team tactics to prepare for local matches, Regional and National tournaments. In Years 5 and 6 some of these tournaments take place on Saturdays.
  • Netball Development - open to all girls and is an opportunity for girls to take their interest and enjoyment of Netball to a deeper level of understanding and performance. In these sessions we work on developing their basic skills, and look at how these should be applied in game situations. Development girls will have an opportunity to play in competitive matches a couple of times throughout the netball season.



  • The A Squad (Years 4 to 6) perform at Regional and National competition level and are a selective group.
  • The B Squad (Years 4 to 6) compete in external and internal competitions and are also a selective group.
  • Development group (Year 3) - work specifically on set floor skills and springboard techniques, in addition to dance and choreography. In Year 3 the girls participate in the Annual Gym Club Championships and the Annual Gymnastics Show.
  • Gym Clubs and Improvers (Year 3-6) - meet after school and are open to a wide range of abilities. Members of these clubs are invited to take part in the Annual Gym Club Championships and the Annual Gymnastics Display.

Saturday Gym Clubs are open to girls from Reception to Year 2 and these sessions are recreational. The girls work on basic gymnastic skills on Floor and Vault, and work towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards.


Chargeable (squads are non-chargeable)

The Maltman’s Tennis Programme runs year round and is open to all girls from Year 1 to 6. Girls have the opportunity to attend group sessions with our professional tennis coach. From Year 3 to 6 there is at least one group session and a squad session. Selection is based on commitment, co-ordination, athleticism and enjoyment of the game. Girls can move in and out of the squads depending on individual progress and attitude. Group sessions are open to all girls and focus on how to play tennis in a competitive and fun environment, working on the basic techniques and tactics in tennis. Girls have the opportunity to compete in internal tournaments.



Judo is available for girls in Years 1 to 6 as a recreational extra-curricular activity on a Saturday morning. It is non-selective and the girls enjoy experiencing a sport not covered in the curriculum. Selected girls are entered into the IAPS National Judo Congress competition.

Football/Tag Rugby/Cricket Clubs


These are non-selective clubs which meet once a week at lunchtimes and is open to all girls in Years 3 to 6. In the autumn and spring terms the girls play football and tag rugby on alternate weeks and in the summer term, cricket. Friendly matches are organised for the girls during each term. 

Pom Dance


Pom dance brings dance and cheerleading together to create fun and exciting routines. The girls will be able to learn cheerleading steps to create sequences and routines whilst having fun, keeping active and developing their dance skills. These sessions take place after school.