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Curriculum | Art, Design & ICT

Art & Craft

Art is a unique visual, tactile and sensory language. All girls from Nursery through to Year 6 are taught the skills, language, tradition and value of Art. Cross-curricular links are provided to extend pupils along with the knowledge and understanding of the world’s rich artistic and cultural heritage. From Year 3 every pupil is taught by a specialist teacher.

Art encompasses drawing, painting, colour theory, mixed media, tie and dye, collage, textiles, three-dimensional models, mod rock sculptures, still life, abstracts, life drawing, paper sculpture, weaving, basic printing techniques along with the more advanced screen printing, silk painting, pottery and the added ingredient of their creative powers and imagination.

The ‘whole child’ is encouraged to develop diversity and personal responses, working individually, in groups or as a whole class. Each child develops skills, imagination, self-discipline and the capacity to make practical decisions and judgements to solve aesthetic problems. This in turn builds self-esteem and confidence of which we are very mindful. Being proud of their artistic endeavours is our mission and it is always a pleasure to observe.

Design Technology

We aim to develop pupils’ confidence and competence in a range of designing and making skills as well as their understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental issues, function and industrial practice. We encourage pupils to reflect on and evaluate, preset and past designs and technology, its uses and effect.

When possible, links are made to their work in other subjects, particularly in Science, using electrical circuits and switches and in Mathematics, by recording data using Excel and measuring and weighing. From Nursery to Year 6, girls have the opportunity to use a variety of different materials, including paper, plastics, card, textiles, wood, clay (within Art), construction kits and food! These activities foster creativity, enjoyment, perseverance and a sense of pride in their own ability to design and make.


Information and Communication Technology is an integral aspect of the learning environment right from Nursery age. We are acutely aware that IT should not replace valuable, traditional skills, such as handwriting, but should add a new and exciting dimension to learning.

We have a rolling programme of investment to ensure that our hardware and software is up to the minute, fast and appropriate. This includes mobile suites as well as interactive white boards in every classroom. Access to the internet is throughout the school via a well-screened broadband internet connection.

The girls are competent with a wide range of applications including word processing, database design, spreadsheets, robotics and coding, animation, desktop publishing, using the web and touch-typing.

We promote a cross-curricular approach to IT, including extra-curricular lunch clubs for pupils. From Year 1 onwards, the children are taught one formal lesson of IT per week. Computers and tablets are used across the curriculum. Throughout the school, there is software appropriate to each age group and their needs, encouraging a multimedia approach to teaching and learning.