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Curriculum | Early Years

We are the only all-girl setting in the Gerrards Cross area (both independent and private) to offer extended day and all year round care for girls aged 2-4.

The Early Years are a time of wonder and discovery. We ensure that every day is packed full of enjoyable and enriching activities, enabling the girls to make the most of their learning experience. Our experienced staff all ensure the pastoral care of your daughter is at the heart of everything we do. This approach allows us to foster a nurturing environment where the girls feel happy, safe and secure enough to take risks and challenge themselves.

We have an individualised approach where all girls take part in a mixture of adult-led and child-led activities, enabling them to progress and develop at their own pace. As the girls move up through the Early Years, learning remains individualised but gradually formalises to help ensure the children are fully prepared for Year 1. Each year the amount of specialist teacher led lessons and extra-curricular opportunities also increases as the children build both their stamina and confidence. Each year-group have class rules and are taught social skills such as staying safe, being kind to each other and sharing. At Maltman's Green there are no limits to learning. We don’t believe in holding children back, but we equally ensure they are not pushed too far outside of their comfort zone.

Parents are seen very much as ‘partners’ within their daughter’s learning. Every week each year-group produces a weekly newsletter, detailing not only what the girls have done during the week but also what is planned for the following week. Half-termly Topic Overviews are also shared to help you support your daughter at home. Every girl in the Early Years has a communication diary - again to encourage and facilitate home-school communication.

Our child-centred education follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We start by looking at what each child needs in all areas and tailor the curriculum accordingly.

Little Malties

A year round full day care for pre-school girls aged 2-3 years.

Duration of day care will be provided according to your needs, be that half-day, school day or extended day. We know that you do not stop when the school holidays come round, and so neither do we – Little Malties day care runs straight through the holidays giving you peace of mind that your daughter will always have the highest quality care available.

The EYFS Statutory Framework and our Individualised Approach

The EYFS Statutory Framework recommends that pre-school practitioners focus on three Prime Areas of Learning:
1. Communication and Language;
2. Physical Development;
3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

To deliver our individualised approach we go beyond these Prime Areas, planning activities that cover Specific Areas of Learning including:
1. Literacy;
2. Mathematics;
3. Understanding the World;
4. Expressive Arts and Design.

Our learning is topic based with cross-curricular links. By planning both group and individual activities we ensure every girl is able to learn and develop at her own pace.

A Unique Setting

Our Little Malties day care setting has been designed to inspire and stimulate enquiring young minds. As well as an indoor space with areas for play and learning, a quiet room, wet room and an eating space, we have directly accessible outdoor areas with open laws and woodlands. Playing outside allows the girls to understand how the world works, using self-selected resources for imaginative and social play, creating dens, and even building water systems.

Our Little Malties are very much part of our School community, something we feel is crucial for developing social skills and building confidence. With this aim in mind we also plan opportunities for the girls to make extensive use of all the facilities throughout the School, whether this be through visiting the Gym to use the equipment as soft play resources, joining in with our “wellie-walks”, or visiting the Pre-Prep playground to use the play equipment. Girls will also attend assemblies and take part in school events such as Theatre Group visits.

Our unique approach ensures the girls are well rounded and ‘school ready’.


Year round full day care for pre-school girls aged 3-4 years.

Duration of care will be provided according to your needs, be that half-day, school day or extended day. We know that you do not stop when the school holidays come round, and so neither do we – the Maltman’s Green Nursery runs straight through the holidays giving you peace of mind that your daughter will always have the highest quality care available.

Taking a holistic approach, we establish a thirst for discovery, an ability to express creativity and an enjoyment for learning. Independence is encouraged, extending the ability to learn, play and co-operate with others. We create a happy, stable, caring and stimulating environment.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced with a topic-based individualised approach to learning. This enables the girls to establish a solid foundation of knowledge, understanding and social skills upon which they can build throughout their lives. A wide variety of activities are provided to suit all abilities, enabling the girls to work towards:• Personal, Social and Emotional Development;
• Communication and Language;
• Physical Development;
• Literacy;
• Mathematics;
• an Understanding of the World;
• Expressive Arts and Design.

Our Nursery girls experience specialist teaching for lessons including a games lesson, French and the girls swim every week from after February half-term. Parents are given the opportunity to help support us during swimming lessons by becoming swimming volunteers.

Nursery girls can also choose to attend a number of extra-curricular lessons, including ballet, modern and some language sessions.

Our aim is to ensure that by the end of Nursery, the girls are well prepared for the transition into full-time school.

Early Years Curriculum

Throughout all of our classes in our EYFS department we aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which is both differentiated and based on the girls’ needs, interests and level of development. We ensure our curriculum is exciting while offering an appropriate level of challenge to the girls. Our curriculum addresses the girls’ social, emotional, physical, intellectual, moral and cultural development within a safe, secure and stimulating environment. It also enables the girls to develop skills, attitudes and understanding in all the seven inter-connected areas of learning. All areas are of equal importance.

The Prime areas of learning are:
• Communication and Language;
• Physical Development;
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

The Specific areas of learning are:
• Literacy;
• Mathematics;
• Understanding the World;
• Expressive Arts and Design.

Throughout our EYFS department we aim to give the girls both independent and adult led learning experiences, opportunities and first hand experiences in all our learning environments both indoor and outdoor, to enable the girls to be active, explore and to think creatively. This enables the girls both to work towards the Early Learning Goals and helps them prepare for the National Curriculum.

We also provide enrichment experiences to our girls through specialist teaching and either a school trip, outing or special visitor every term. Parents are both encouraged and welcomed into our classes throughout the year to address the girls. Examples of what our parents share include details of their culture, religious beliefs (during different festivals for example), their experiences of the world or details of their job.

At Maltman’s Green we also value other skills and attitudes that we believe are invaluable in helping our girls become independent thinkers and learners, as well as preparing the girls for the future.